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What is Today I’m Wearing?
TIW is the ultimate fashion-sharing website, brought to you by the people behind the Mail, You magazine and Metro. An interactive fashion forum, featuring The TIW Blog and Editor's picks made daily, TIW is for people who like sharing their outfit choices and enjoy looking at what others are wearing. You can also shop through our tagging system, with Shopstyle.

TIW is revelatory, inspirational - your mum may have told you not to wear black with navy, but we’ve got a flat ban on style rules here on TIW - and you don’t have to be a model with a designer wardrobe to join in. Although those are, of course, welcome too. We are based in Britain, but we’d love to see users from all over the world. Follow us on our Facebook page, Today I’m Wearing, on Twitter @TIWfashion and Pinterest: tiwfashion where we’ll be constantly updating you with what’s going on.

How do I get started?
There’s a super-speedy joining process - simply enter a few personal details and you’re good to go. We’ve also spent a long time (aided by approximately 58 gallons of Starbucks) ensuring that TIW is ridiculously simple to use: snap your outfit, post your pic and add some details about each piece of clothing, with our tagging system. We even have a ‘crop’ function, to maximise your picture potential (and make Testinos of you all). Then sit back and wait for people to send you some love, or leave a comment on your Look. Make sure you upload a profile picture, too.

Meanwhile, you can follow other users, give them some love and post a (positive) comment under their outfit. If a fellow user is wearing something you cantlivewithout (it’s not one word? It should be) you can click on the item and you’ll be taken straight through to our shopping partner, Shopstyle, where you can browse through similar pieces available to buy on the web. The TIW homepage will be ever-changing with the latest uploads and we’ll be making a daily selection of ‘Editor's Picks’, as well as a ‘Style Star of the Week’ , once a week on a Friday, who will win £100 worth of Topshop vouchers.

How many pictures can I upload?
As many as you want! You can spend all night lovingly honing your TIW profile, including plenty of little details such as brands and personal commentary and we won’t care. In fact, we’d love it. So get uploading TIWUs - the more pretty pictures the better! You can upload straight from your phone (via our app) or go old-skool with a camera and upload it via our website. The website will automatically re-size your picture into the pixels it needs, but do maximise your picture quality by ensuring that the light is good (or you’ve got your flash on), that you have turned on your HDR (if you are using an iPhone) and that for optimum picture quality, you have someone else taking the photo rather than snapping your reflection in the mirror (mirror distortion, TIWUs). We want to help you get your picture as crystal clear as possible, so your followers can see each and every lovely detail of your Look.

When should I upload my picture?
Personally we love to upload our sartorial snap at 4.18pm on a Tuesday. Just kidding - you can upload a picture to the site whenever you feel like it, even if it’s 3am on a Wednesday. Although, FYI, the editors won’t be awarding their top picks until the next morning, though. If you are chosen, your pic will get a teeny, tiny, diddy sash. We know - cute, right.

How can I tell someone that I love their outfit?
We’re so glad you asked. Because we have a natty little function, whereby you can quickly and easily let that TIWU know that you love their togs. Under every picture on the site, there is a small heart, which you click on. The amount of people who have clicked on the heart, will appear as a number next to it. To comment on the outfit, simply click the speech bubble icon and write your thoughts. The most popular outfits of the day will soon become apparent: those with the most heart-clicks can be found nestled in the ‘Most Loved’ tab and those with the most amount of commentary will be basking under the ‘Most Talked About’ tab. Easy peasy. You don’t need to thank us…

Can I follow people?
Yes, just click the follow icon on a user’s profile, so that you can build up your own catalogue of favourites. A TIW user will receive an alert when you’re following them - which means they can then check out your profile too – leading to all-encompassing feelings of outfit-love.

Can I share pictures?
You can share a picture of your outfit, or another user’s outfit that you love, on whichever social network takes your fancy. Both before and after you post your own look, there are icons for Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter - allowing you to share on each (or every) one of them. You can also tweet us @TIWfashion, scribble on our Facebook page, ‘Today I’m Wearing’ and follow us on Pinterest, too, tiwfashion, where we’ll be pinning our favourite looks, as well as moodboards of our style muses, wish lists and in general, things that we love!

How can I see the most popular looks of the day?There are a few ways. Firstly, every day we will award our favourite Looks with an ‘Editor's Pick’ sash (a bit like an Oscar… but better, obviously). You’ll then be able to find the ones that most tickled our fash-buds under the Editor’s Picks tab at the top of the page. There are also ‘Most Loved’ and ‘Most Talked About’ tabs, where you can see the top Looks as picked by your fellow TIW users and the looks that generated the most chatter, too. We also have a ‘Style Star of the Week’, as chosen by YOU in The TIW Blog, where we feature a TIWU (that's a TIW user, in case that wasn't obvious!) who has been wowing lots of users with their outfits that week and who will win £100 of Topshop vouchers. They’ll be able to tell us a little bit about themselves and their personal style. You never know, it could be you one week!

How do I buy clothes?
We’re linked to a shopping partner, Shopstyle, meaning that if you see a piece of clothing on the site that you love, you can click on the description on the user’s outfit post and you’ll be taken through to the Shopstyle options, similar to that item. If you’re lucky, that exact piece might still be in stock and available to buy! Shopstyle will guide you to the website and you can make your purchase there.

What do I do if my clothes don’t arrive?
If your goods don’t arrive, you’ll need to contact the merchant directly. Once you leave the TIW site, to visit a brand’s website, we don’t actually have any part in your purchase.

Is there a newsletter?
There sure is. If you’re too busy to go onto the site for a few days, you can still catch up on anything scintillating that we might have done in your absence, via our newsletter. Every Friday we’ll flat-pack all that info into a nice little newsletter for you, and hand-deliver it (sort of) straight into your inbox. If you wish to receive it, just tick the little box on your profile page. To stop receiving the newsletter, just untick that box. But we’d recommend that you did read it, as it’s written in rose-scented typeface and free sweeties will shoot out of your screen when you read it. We promise.

How do I remove a comment?
TIW has a ‘positive commentary only’ policy. If you find a comment to be derogatory, or offensive  - either on your own profile, or someone else’s - click the little flag icon next to each comment and we’ll take a look. Any comment that receives 3 flag alerts from 3 separate users will be automatically removed. If you don’t like an outfit, simply don’t comment. After all, style is subjective and what one person thinks is supremely stylish, another may find quite revolting. Whether it’s an orange furry skirt (that sounds rather chic, infact – very Anna Della Russo) or a lime green wetsuit, any person can share any outfit that they're mad about that day and we’re sure they’ll find some fans out there.

Why has my picture been taken down?
We want to remove as few pictures as possible; this site is driven by YOU and your fashion choices. However, if we find a picture to be offensive, or contain nudity, we may be forced to remove it. If your photo has disappeared and you have no idea why, just ping the editors an e-mail and we’ll get back to you and let you know. Likewise, if you find a picture you think is inappropriate on the website, flag it up using the little flag icon next to each picture and we’ll investigate it for you. Like the comments, any picture that receives 3 flag alerts from 3 different users will be automatically removed. After all, we don’t want any of you choking over your morning muesli!

I can’t seem to get into my account – what do I do?
If you can’t seem to login to your TIW account, chances are that you’ve forgotten your password or login details (we’ve all done it.) Just send us an e-mail to and once we’re sure you are who you say you are, we’ll send your some brand spanking new login deets.

How can I change my password and username?
You can change your password and username in the ‘Edit profile’ tab on your profile page.

Can I prevent my details being passed on to any 3rd parties?
Yes. If you don’t want us to pass on your details, or to contact you with a newsletter, you simply tick the options on your profile.

How can I close down my user profile?
With leaden hearts and a drag in our step, we suppose we should inform you that yes, it is technically possible. If you feel like TIW holds no longer has a place in your heart, then you can close down your profile by clicking ‘Delete my Profile’ in the ‘Edit Profile’ tab on your profile page.

Want to contact us?
If you have an administrative problem with the site, or your password, please e-mail us at:

For all general, editorial and press enquiries, please e-mail us at:

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Our postal address is:
Today I’m Wearing, Northcliffe House, 2 Derry Street, London, W8 5TT
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